Our Mission

Media Against Apartheid & Displacement (MAAD) is a collaboratively curated media hub site that gathers and presents articles on the ongoing genocide in Gaza, Israeli apartheid and the occupation of Palestine, U.S. complicity, and resistance movements fighting for Palestinian liberation from a growing collective of media organizations and platforms. MAAD is a direct response to a vital need: we provide a home for journalism that centers on the people most impacted by settler colonialism, imperialism, apartheid, genocide, state-sanctioned violence, surveillance, and displacement. Drawing from a range of movement journalism sources, we point readers toward reporting and analysis that is accurate, rigorous, insightful, and principled. Our aim is not only to elevate journalistic work that exposes injustice, but also to uplift coverage of the powerful movements that are resisting Zionism and other colonial violence — and creating transformative visions for liberatory futures.  

Recognizing that no one organization can or should take on this project alone, our platforms and organizations have come together to provide a hub for journalistic work that pushes back against the mainstream media’s upholding of racist, classist, heteropatriarchal, transphobic and ableist narratives. We report directly as, from, and with oppressed peoples. We believe that liberation comes from the ground up, and that journalism can be a tool to achieve that. We also recognize that we cannot rely on corporate media to create an accurate historical record, and that radical journalists play a key role in documenting social movements during this time of intensified struggle.

As journalists, we offer MAAD to the movement as a resource, a hub for documentation, and a commitment that the stories of genocidal atrocities–and the struggles against them–will be told, shared, amplified, and never forgotten.

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